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Turbo Vps is a company dedicated to personal service for your individual needs. We feel it is important to take the time to assess your particular requirements in order to offer what we feel is the best solution for your Internet presence. Turbo Vpsis on a mission to provide reliable and affordable solutions and become the premiere solution provider in the world - based on customer satisfaction, range and quality of services, reliability of operations, and price competitiveness. Our determined, support minded company values and understand the importance of quality support and service. Turbo Vps is committed to offer its customers better services and cutting edge technologies while increasing there revenue stream. Our team has relevant experience System Administration.

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Peace of Mind :

We care about your data. We are fanatical when it comes to data integrity. We dont just perform routine backups but we also perform IMMEDIATE BACKUPS ! Imagine that you have just put in all your free time to work on your website.

Tier 1 Network:

Our Network was designed to maximize coverage, performance, flexibility and scalability. We offer more long-haul and metro route options than other providers. In addition to our intercity route miles, we give customers access to over 26,000 metropolitan route miles.

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Our high-capacity, nationwide backbone was overbuilt with new DWDM, IP and private-line switching layers in 2005. In the past year, our long-haul capacity has grown 50 percent. And we are planning for our capacity to double every two years.

Turbovps was formed by the professionals with over 30 years of experience with purpose of delivering Enterprise grade solution at economical rates.

Website: www.turbovps.com
Address: Renstiernas Gata 37, 11631 Stockholm, Sweden